Mid 30’s Signs of Sedentary Lifestyle Diseases


Being part of global corporate MNC work environment, running against time ,competing against our peers to win some kind of race for short term targets like good increments , promotion etc . However unfortunately we just ignore long term targets especially health.

Mid 30s is time when you start seeing signs of sedentary lifestyle Diseases, be it overweight, acidity, cholesterol, sleeplessness, back pain , joint pain , constipation, breathless , stress , low on confidence, laziness, in some cases blood pressure , diabetes ? Sure most of us agree . These are the curse of irregular lifestyle and Obesity. Unfortunately because many of us around having same problems, like sheep follows another sheep without giving a thought we started ignoring root cause and looking around to treat symptoms. That’s where we felt urgent necessity of treating root cause – lifestyle and obesity to solve all symptoms in single shot.

After doing extensive research we figured out 80 – 20 principle ( 80 % Diet , 20% Exercise ) designed to suit each individuals to achieve desired results.

When Mr Raghavendra consulted Healthspringsfor help , he was weighing 76kgs , issues like back pain, acidity , constipation , stress, 36″ jeans , large size shirt , unfit even to run a distance of 100 meters , looking much older than his age. He started his journey with Dr Akhila and Healthsprings looking forward for healthier Life.

Now after around 12 months , with Expert guidance and his dedication , passion and commitment , he has achieved remarkable feet. He is much lighter at 64 kgs today , handsomely back to 30-32″ jeans, shirt size set at Small & Medium. The issues what he used to have now either reduced completely or can see considerable improvements.

However above all as he says “My fav feeling – today I’m confidently running 21KMS with full control. Its my awesome moment and I can say without second thought I’m at my best fitness level till today. I can give any teenager run for his Money”. He is continue working with us to achieve his next Target – Full Marathon of 42 km in coming days.